Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Xbox 360 Slim 4GB And Kinect UK Prices

Kinect has Price has Been Announced for Price in US for $150 also in the UK is £130 with the Bundle is the Kinect Sensor Bar with a Game Kinect Adventures also Kinect Games Price at Normal Xbox 360 Game Price at £40

The New Xbox 360 Slim has Launch in the UK at July 16.... However the New Xbox 360 Slim Arcade Type with 4GB (flash memory) for New Comers to the Xbox 360 not sold separately as of yet but Bundled with The Kinect Bundle for £250

My Thoughts:
The Kenect I might get if I can squeeze it in with the BIG Things in November hope for good pay at My Job or Ask Mum Nicely.... as for the The New Xbox 360 Slim 4GB Modal is a Good Idea for New Comers to the Xbox 360 but NM ppl would buy the 4GB if your not a Heavy Users but good for Casual as Microsoft is Arming For New Comers to the Xbox 360


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