Tuesday, 27 July 2010

New Argos Catalogue And Items I Would Like

Got the New Argos Catalogue to see what Ne Items and Price Cuts they made for Autumn/Winter 2010 and some cool New stuff on Tech and Games sadly not Selling iPhones

But 2 Items catch My Eye witch are The Turtle Beach Earforce XLC and the Official Xbox 360 Flash Drive both at £25 Each in Argos

Turtle Beach Earforce XLC:
I'll been meaning to get a High Quality Head Set for Games like Left 4 Dead 2, Halo Reach and BFBC2 Ect but the Turtle Beach Headsets are Like £50-£100 but in Argos there is a Cheap Value for £25 witch dose the Same ish Quality and Features then the £50-£100 Ones and I've seen Reviews on Youtube and it sounds Good for the Value of it's Price

Official Xbox 360 Flash Drive:
£25 is alot for a 8GB Flash Drive but that's Microsoft for Yous and I would like one sure 8GB is not enough but I do have a 4GB Flash Drvie and 2 Official Xbox 360 Memory Units (One 64MB and 562MB) but would be nice to have a 8GB for the Xbox 360 sure it's Pricey but it Come with a 1 Month Gold Card by this One Unboxing Video I'll seen on Youtube and it was terrible Opening it with one Hand and putting the Camera Down I can do a Better job then That ¬¬ witch you Guys know Im good with Unboxings

I would like them items for My Xbox 360 but as you know Im Saving but Maybe if I get enough Money from My Mum and Dad I'll see at the Time to pick them up also keep you posted if I do

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Xbox 360 Slim 4GB And Kinect UK Prices

Kinect has Price has Been Announced for Price in US for $150 also in the UK is £130 with the Bundle is the Kinect Sensor Bar with a Game Kinect Adventures also Kinect Games Price at Normal Xbox 360 Game Price at £40

The New Xbox 360 Slim has Launch in the UK at July 16.... However the New Xbox 360 Slim Arcade Type with 4GB (flash memory) for New Comers to the Xbox 360 not sold separately as of yet but Bundled with The Kinect Bundle for £250

My Thoughts:
The Kenect I might get if I can squeeze it in with the BIG Things in November hope for good pay at My Job or Ask Mum Nicely.... as for the The New Xbox 360 Slim 4GB Modal is a Good Idea for New Comers to the Xbox 360 but NM ppl would buy the 4GB if your not a Heavy Users but good for Casual as Microsoft is Arming For New Comers to the Xbox 360

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

July Update 0.2 Saving

Hey guys sorry I've not been posting stuff on My Site been... Lazy =/

Anyways here's a July Update so far as you know on My Vlogz I pick up Crackdown 2 and 3 DS Titles also I'll been Saving up Lately for a few weeks and I got £100 Saved up because I save you £50 and I still have Job Pay from My Last pay and have £50 as well so I have £100 save up doesn't mean Im saving some thing big like a Xbox 360 Slim...... seriously Im not getting a Xbox 360 Slim and cut with that crap because been getting lots of ppl saying that ¬¬.... *Sigh* Anyways the reason Im saving up is because there are Notting I would like to get "Gaming" I would like to get mainly because the big Game Titles are in September and November.... but if I see a Bargain I'll let you know on My Vlogz

so ya Small Update and I'll try and not be Lazy on My Site lolz

Thursday, 1 July 2010

July Update 0.1 And iPhone 4

Hey Guys it's July 1st so it's time to say What I'll be doing this Month..... NM Really because all I would like to get as most of My Friends on Xbox Live are getting it and that is Crackdown 2 and I have Preordered the Limited Edition Steelbook for Preodering it from Gamestation and I can't wait to Unbox it for you Guys.... Also as I said on Vlog (137) that I'll seen Lost Planet 2 (Xbox 360) for £20 and Kirby Super Star Ultra for £13 in GAME but sadly the Lost Planet 2 (Xbox 360) for £20 is GONE =[ but their is Kirby Super Star Ultra for £13 still there and I need to get it because 1) I don't see it in Grimsby 2) it's costs £25 in most shops but it's hard to find it in Grimsby and 3) it's £13 witch is a Good Price for a Rarely Priced Nintendo Game for £13 Preowned/Used... Nomarlly would be £25 Preowned/Used....... So Im taking £20 out of My Job Pay (I got £70) and Im not using the Rest XD XD XD You see Im going to start Saving for all Them Games that are coming out for the Rest of the Year.... because you got them Good Games also the Kinect and Move witch I don't think I'll be getting both but will See *Fingers Crossed* so I'll be Saving for the Next few Weeks

iPhone 4.... I did Say that My Mum said I can have one the reason being is because I never touch my ice account and My Mum Said like "well you got alot so Treat Yourself" so My Mum can let me have a iPhone Now Me and My Mum was going to get Me a iPhone and see what Deals they had but My Mum wanted a Pay As You Go and I would like a iPhone 4 then a iPhone 3Gs so the Lady at Orange say they will be Having Pay As You Go iPhone 4z in a Few Weeks and the Lady at Orange has my Mums Number and Orange will let My Mum Know as soon as they got Pay As You Go iPhone 4z and for Now just Looking forward to it..... Hopefully I get one =[ if not then I have to wait for Stocks or get a iPhone 3Gs but it would be nice to Have a 4 then a 3Gs and with the HD Video and Retina Display it can't say get a 4 then a 3Gs... so Im Looking forward to it I'll be getting it in a Few Weeks and I'll do a Unboxing as Soon As =]

Friday, 25 June 2010

Video Of The Week

This Weeks Video of the Week is A Funny Unboxing

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Are You Getting The Xbox 360 (Slim)???

Xbox 360 Slim

I've been getting ppl asking "Are you getting a Xbox 360 (Slim)????? Stevie and Doing a Unboxing" TBH I've not got the dosh to get one =/ would like one..... sure I can trade in My 360 to get it for £99 but I need My 360 to transfer my gamertag License so I be able to use My Content offline because I don't want to waste 2 Years of Xbox Live content and can't be use offline on the Slim without my gamertag license..... sure you can "Recover" it but you can't use the contnet because you have to..... also transfer the gamertag License because if you don't have the Gamertag license you have to put the Xbox on Xbox Live 24/7 to use the Content you got it's because of Copyright Laws you see hope you understand why I can't at this time but maybe in the future when my Xbox is Half Dead enough to transfer my gamertag license at the Mo the 360 is having Disc Drive Sounds like nails on a chalkboard but it runs ok but give it a a year or 2 in the future END OF STORY..... TBH sure Im a Fan of Xbox 360 but I just don't have the Money and Time at the mo

Don't Buy Kinect Stevie

also on Subject on Xbox 360 Slim from E3 2010 is Kinect now with Me and Kinect it's a Lazy boys Dream by that I mean I would pay £100 for a Big Sensor Bar not because of the Casual but manly for to chat on Xbox Live Party using Kinect..... sure it's a waste of Money but if I get a Nice some of Job Pay at work then it's like having a Treat once and a while sure I could get Playstation Move witch is just £40 for the "PlayStation Move Motion Controller" but maybe when Sorcery comes out I would but Playstation Move for That Game..... but the point is is your not in control on what Im buying it's what I want to buy that I like not for what everybody says about Kinect or Move..... but if I make the Money then I'll buy both to try

Friday, 18 June 2010

Playstation Move UK Prices and Bundles

Playstation Move UK Prices as Of "PlayStation Move Motion Controller" £40 and "PlayStation Move Navigation Controller" £30 also a "PlayStation Move Motion Controller" with “Playstation Eye” Bundle for £50 also as of Yet no Playstation Move Games on Launch unless you want the Update for Tiger Wood 11 at Launch XD PlayStation Move Launches in the UK at September 15th