Thursday, 29 May 2008

WOW A Cheap Way To Go For Elite

U know guys that I made my PSP bundle from diffnet stores well... I come up with a way for a Xbox 360 Aracde/Elite Bundle it's really Cheap as chips as buying a Xbox 360 Elite (£350)

Xbox 360 Aracde (With HDMI) - Preowned (£150)
Xbox 360 Elite Hard Drive - Preowned (£80)
Turok (Tin Case) - Preowned (£25)
3 Month To Xbox Live (£15)
All for (£270)
Now this is a really a nice bundle just..... Preowned can be risky on THE RED RING OF DEATH but it's a start =) I would get this bundle for £270 but I not got the money lolz (just got a psp I don't want to waste my money on more games =P)

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Anonymous said...

solidzero0 hi my mate getting arcade wats the diffrence