Sunday, 8 June 2008

I'm Back And Drinking Cups Of Tea And I'm All Out Of Tea

Allo My ppl of youtube and others... lolz

I'll Been:
To my mums for a few day
a nice bath
hair cut
fed really well MmmmmM =P
got money for SSBB & GHA
got spare money
and sleep... zZZZzzZZzz

So.... I FEEL GREAT!!!! sorry I'll been offline for a few day (was at my mums =P) so starting tommow (fresh start) I'll keep up to date with PSP & Nintendo, do the site, look up on Xbox 360 and see Laura in one day @_@ =P lolz. also I'm getting Little Britain 2nd Season on UMD on the psp for £6 I found @_@ wow grimsby is goooood for cheap games and stuff =) so.... NM just not doing any video got some Iedas look on the info on my youtube page =) and I made a new user name for youtube it's a back up in case something happineds (DAM U HACKERS!!!!) lolz it's steviet7WTF Sub if u want to =P lolz so ya see ya Stevie T

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