Thursday, 26 June 2008

Should I Do It....

Sex Get stuffed XD XD XD XD

Get a Xbox 360 Arcade + Halo 3 for £160 at Blockbuters (lolz BB XD) next WED but theirs a little menory on the crad thing (BTW dose anyone know can u transfer menoy card data to the hard drive????) because I tort waiting for the Xbox 360 + Hard Drive is a pain in the but (BTW i didn't get £60 from my job I got $105 @_@ lolz because of the hoilday pay????... meh who gives a dam XD XD) so Should I do it... if I do Brawl and The Xbox 360 (With little menroy) can keep me buzy till I get the hard drive really but hey I think it's a good Ieda I would do it (I Will) but I want ur torts (test ur Game brains =P lolz XD) let me konw On MSN or Youtube Thanks =P

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