Monday, 14 July 2008

Don't Tell Me About E3 On Tuesday Plezzzz

The reson why not telling me about E3 on Tuesday because I know it's the BIG E3 Day Today just...... theirs more then life then gaming My GF Laura shes got damage to her lungs n she also hav a primary immunodifitioncy which means she dnt make antibodies wich makes her very weak n ill n in pain most of the time. But although she in pain a lot of the time it dusnt stop her frm smilin so.... she got a "treatment" that i'm going with her allday with her ^-^ that will keep me happy =) she gose every 3 Weeks on Mondays and not got plans I'm going to the Hostpal with her ALLDAY so No Spam on my PM or Commnets About E3 Now on Tuesday (BTW no Subzero Kiss Ass this Week) i sitting my ass down and wacthing all E3s Sony, Mirosoft and Nintendo and will do a video on Wednesday to do the lowdown MAYBE so SEE YA

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