Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Ok Site + Halo 3

Ok so far i'm Sergeant on Halo 3 but will get better on it
I Look Good =P
jack f3nn0
and other if I fogot lolz =P
awsome playing with yous and would love to do macth making on live awsome on that plez can we do some time and maybe BOOST my RANK on because i can't talking to ppl on my n00bly level lolz XD XD XD

Man I got a lot to go @_@

The site..... just letting u know I'll be lazy on it -___- but i'll still like say what i did on Halo 3 =P like this one but.... will seen in the mean time =) BTW I got GTA3 for the Xbox (for Xbox 360) on HDMI works like a dream =D

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