Monday, 29 September 2008

Me & Laura In HIGH DEFINITION!!!!!! (StormDainProductions Parody)

Yup Me & Laura In HIGH DEFINITION!!!!!!
Just to let u guys know I'll been with Laura for like 8 Months NOW!!!!!! (January 31st 2008 Our 1st Love ^-^) and thia HD photo show how much we love each other =D
And also so In HIGH DEFINITION!!!!!! is the HD man Storm love ur Reviews and comdey sytle to lol in ur videos =D hope u do well in future ur OWNED them videos with that 1K SUBS Conrats Dude =D and Diifii with your neally 3K SUBS lolz ur awsome too ur both awsome Storm & Diifii lolz =D good luck for the future and now heres a video of Storm..............

In HIGH DEFINITION!!!!!! =P lolz

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Storm said...

Thank you for the comments, but more importantly, congratulations on eight months!