Sunday, 21 September 2008

A Weekly Blog I'm Doing In October

Ok in October AKA "Saving Up For Laura's Prezzy Month" in on the go next month so I tort of doing a weekly blog to see my aim to get a PSP with Stuff it will not be fun for me for not getting.... you know cool stuff from gamestation would be funny for you guys to hearing my wimpy words on how bad I feel on not buying cool stuff..... so ya well TBH it was a little bit hard to save up Wii Fit (£70 4 Weeks Wouth Of PA) so my aim is £100 (5 Weeks Of PA)
  • PSP Silm (White) £65
  • Loco Roco (Game) £13
  • 1G Memory Stick Duo (Green) £15
  • I LOVE LAURA SO MUCH £Priceless lolz

So this Blog will be every Friday with VOTW (I get my PA on Fridays Now lolz) the 1st Blog with start at Oct 10th Fri 2008 BTW if I get my Job Money that will be to Gears Of War 2 and Guitar Hero World Tour if Im Lucky (I'm Culeless when My Job money comes lolz)

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