Friday, 3 October 2008

Blog 1 - Week 1: It Starts

it's starts 5 weeks of no PA now wants a good way to start..... Currys & PC World are doing a BIGGGGGGGG SALE.... and misssssing out =( DAM IT lolz i'll give u a list of I'll seen
  • Skate (Xbox 360) £10
  • Trumer Center (Wii) £10
  • Iron Man (Xbox 360) £10
  • Tiger Woods 08 (PSP) £10
  • Rayman Rabbies 2 (DS) £10

Not fair -____- lolz and to top that off I found the RARER HD DVD of all HD DVD well.... Heroes Seirse 1 on HD DVD thats 1st RARER the 2nd RARER I found that Cruellordsoth has got and that is Tranformers -___- it's £4 at gamestation so..... I might get that with my food money lolz I did it once to get Forza Motorsport 2 for £5 XD XD XD so i'll do it tomrrow lolz

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