Sunday, 5 October 2008

My Nintnedo Stuff Is Wouth 8900 Stars =D

Well.... it all started when mint301 told me about STARS (now i didn't know back in the day as a nintendo person) but as mac's trainer (from Punch Out) all ways say "Join The Nintnedo Club" so I did. so I found out about the stars and think..... "wait I got so many nintendo stuff I can......" so I grabed all my nintnedo stuff, got a 2p, a computer and listen to some music on my Xbox 360. Then at the end for all that lolz i'll got 8900 stars =D, so the plan is i'm getting 2000 Wii Ponits and getting
  • Tetris World Party - 1200 (when it comes out)
  • Earthworm Jim - 800

All this out of

  • A Wii
  • A DS
  • 18 Wii Games
  • 6 DS Games
  • 3 Gamecube Games
  • 3 GBA Games


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