Sunday, 30 November 2008

DECEMBER!!!! lolz

Ok December is coming tomrrow so this is to let you all know want i'll be doing this hoilday season lolz Xmas, Video, Games Ect....

DEC 6th I'll Be getting BF: Bad Company for £20 at Gamestatoin lolz

DEC 13th I'll get 2100 Microsoft points ready for next year for £17.50
20th & 27th I'll get GOW2 lolz (2 weeks wouth of P.A.)
Also if I get my job money in that month it will be a *£££BOUNS£££*
Videos This Month:
  • My Xmas List 2008
  • Update On Going To Mums
  • Vlog (Xmas) The Sequel
  • Vlog (New Year) 2008 - 2009

and that it so far

for all you Dave FANS Dave will be staying at my house for Xmas (not at his mums lolz) so he will be on for Xmas lolz

So NM just to let you guys know and HAPPY HOILDAYS From the Stevie T Site ^-^

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