Thursday, 13 November 2008

My Head Hurts

AHHHHHH FFS Sorry Guys I'm having a big over time mood
I Got:
  • Laura Prezzy to sort
  • Laura Xmas prezzy
  • College work
  • Getting COD5 and other games -__-
  • Videosssssss
  • Dave (Because the house is a tip again -__-)
  • Sharing the net with Dave
  • nobody care (my friends offline) on wot i'm intersts are =(
  • oevr 1000 ppl to keep happy @_@
  • I CBA on the news -___- Nobody wots news off me =(
Sorry..... I hope it all blows over =( just in a mood just don't know to talk to lolz -___-
I'll sort it out one at a time TBH it's part of my Aspergers Syndrone to make a list and share to chill out sorry guys ^-^ thanks for understanding

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