Wednesday, 31 December 2008


1) Got My Xbox 360 (28/7/08)
2) Over 1000 SUBS On My Youtube (3/11/08)
3) Got My Ipod Touch (18/11/08)
4) Dave Move In and Out too much lolz
5) Cam and Jassica (Jess) Used my place as a Hotel lolz
6) Met the love of my live LAURA JADE BISHELL xXXXXx ^-^
7) Can Do Medium on Guitar Hero lolz
8) Met good friends =D
9) Got 8k on Gamerscore on Xbox 360 In 5 Months
10) All of yours mean alot to me =D

Happy New Year Everyone
.... Ok I Know It Ealey Im Board lolz

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