Tuesday, 16 December 2008

I'm The Map I'm The MAP!!! + Last Night


Hey Guy I got out of the last 900 MSP I had left and buyed 800 MSP to The Gears 2 Combustible Map Pack and LOOK AT ALL THAT JUICE lolz


This Saturday i'll be getting more 2100 MSP and putting 800 MSP to the Falbe 2's Knothole Island and hoping its a big Island not as big as Ir0nisland lolz but I will do a video for it and get lots of views lolz XD and will have 1400 left to the GTAIV DLC

Ok Last night I finsh Falbe 2 lolz and ask for The Sacrifice and then found a whore married to her and named her Laura the Whore lolz I Love Laura in real life and No we still didn't do it lolz well I have something to keep me Happy when I dont see her much ^-^ *wink wink* and I did it 20 times on Falbe XD XD XD I'm the whore now lolz and the video at the bottom is what sex feels like on falbe 2 lolz and I love it lolz and I love Laura not Laura the whore on Falbe 2 lolz

BTW Not my video but i'll show Laura on Falbe 2 on my "Falbe 2 - Knothole Island DLC" video lolz XD XD XD XD Happy Whoring on ur Fable 2 lolz

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