Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Dave's Frist DLC

Dave all ways download Song on Rock Band but this is his frist DLC if it was me I would make a video about it but Dave is a diffnet story on making Views Dave is the only 1to1 preson to talk to on making views but...... o well it's his lost well my "Fable 2 - Knothole Island DLC Gameplay" has got neally 5k on view dosen't say that one video like I did can make some Views well.... "GTAIV - Lost And The Damned DLC Gameplay" is going to be a Hit on my channel..... anyways Dave is getting the NEW!!!!! Mirrors Edge DLC "Pure Map Pack" for Xbox 360 and hope Dave dose well on the Time Trials I know he goes mad on Time Trials lolz

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