Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Coldplay - Yellow + MSP Or Endwar

GH3 - Coldplay - Yellow (Medium) 100% FC

Ok.... I trade Endwar I like the voice thingy-mo-bob just not intreting =/ so I go MSP

I got

  • Boom Boom Rocket + Guitar Pack - 800MSP + 250MSP
  • Coldplay Track Pack - 500MSP
  • Guitar Hero II Picture Pack - 1 100MSP
  • Flashback Multiplayer Map Pack - 400MSP
  • Dead Rising Gamer Picture Pack 2 - 50MSP

So I spent it all but theirs notting in FEB for DLC

but if so.......

Theirs going to be a 1600MSP card lanching in the UK for £14.... so saves me money abit also they slaped GTAIV - TLAD ADs on this 1600MSP card.... Salers lolz but I won't be getting this Because I got 1600MSP Now before I knew this XD XD XD lolz

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