Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Cooler Then A Red Dre... I Mean Controller + March

I'm getting a Red Controller because it come in the UK at the 13th March (it's for the RE5 bundle in the UK to celebrate RE5) but I need a NEW Controller beaucse the USB one is Dying (for my PC) the Black is Dying too (that came with my Xbox 360) and I just got a NEW White one (From Jesus For £15) so I Need a new one. not only that their NM BIG Games coming to the 360 Only RE5 (but Daves getting that) also in March theirs Cam's B-Day (March 29th), Top Up Gold (Before 1st April), Mothers Day (March 22nd Don't foget Guys Mums r awsome for u) also the Call Of Duty World At War Map Pack (March 9th) so ya buzy beeeeee So Videos In March and more to come (If i can think of more) so ya All Updated ur brains

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