Saturday, 14 February 2009

Happy Valentines Day From The Stevie T Site


Happy Valentines Day..... Well how u lad Gamers find a SPECIAL some one on is one lucky day I know how we lads feel on beeing NERDY "I am Master Cheif lololololololol" but if u don't find someone today then look on the bright side of life.... well Laura ask me out in the end and we r both really happy and maybe a girl can ask u out.... it could happin.... out of 40/100 chances but anyways wot Im doing for Valentines Day.... Well Lauras coming to Grimsby then we r going to town, then going to Louth (Lauras hometown) to someones B-Day on V-Day out of 30/100 why dose it have to be on a special day like that.... o well and fanily to end the day.... sleeping at Lauras Dads..... not very good with DADS u see so I have to be on my good Stevie T ways lolz so ya hope u all have a good day.... see ya When I get back..... Alive

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