Thursday, 19 February 2009

Tesco Vouchers + SFIV = FTW

BTW This is the real photo of Tesco in Grimsby

But anyways I got some Tesco Vouchers today from the post but TBH I shop at Iidls now but I still got Vouchers lolz.... so I got "£3.50 Off on any thing in store" also a "£3 Off when spend £20 or more on DVDs, Music, Games" so... That a total of £6.50 off SFIV.... I'm just hoping that SFIV is £35 at Tesco because of the supermarert prices they do.... but I'm not sure now because I got LOTR Conquest for the full £40 at Morrisons I think its the credit crunch but o well =(

SFIV is awsome This is my Favo Character in SFIV

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