Sunday, 22 March 2009

Happy Mothers Day From The Stevie T Site


As you know This is my Mums I used to be a pain to her in my childhood (u know because of my AS) but she all ways told me to glow up and I lernt all that and it's good to have a house and all that on my own but.... she all ways been their for me for when Im in a Mood with someone in the house and I all ways go and see my mum. as u know I talk to much (about games and stuff) but my mum really understands (u know because of my AS) well Dave all ways tells me to "Shut Up" -___- but just my mum been they for me if it's a new toy in my childhood or a new game coming out to luauch she been thier and really understands about wot I do so I greatful to have a Mum like her


Thank You for turn ur Son To a Man

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