Saturday, 7 March 2009



As u may have not have know my Halo 3 Disc has a crack but it still works for maybe 1-2 Months but I'll buy a new one till Apil I might get it on Xbox 360 Classics (Halo 3 It's coming out to Xbox 360 Classics but no date) but for now PREOWND

Ok I Have £40 Till 20th March then getting Mums something for Mothers Day (22nd March) then Cam's B-Day (29th March) and then Gold for 3 Month (Before 1st Apil) Xbox Live FTW So Im getting not a Red Controller but a Lips Mic (from Ebay) £23, Viva Pinata £18 and 1600MSP. Also Im not getting RE5 but Im going with Dave (His Getting RE5) to My Gamestation store to the "Resident Evil 5 - Midnight Launch (With Dave)" so I treat for My SUBS

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