Monday, 6 April 2009

April Update

Hey Guy updating you for this April so far I had a Car Boot Sale as u know also my Job Moneyz not come yet so a good BONUS their and I just played Fallout 3 from Cam and after playing 2 hours Cam said I how long I was playing for I tort..... "Why didn't I get this in the frist place" I hate that sometimes lolz but luckly I might find the Limited Edition one for under £30 maybe also I'll be getting Mad World looks good by Diifii and A Good Price at Gamestation for £18/£17.50/£17.49 XD and If I Get MSP I'll get the Metallica Albem Pack and other stuff lolz and will see wot in store for April =D.... No Plans lolz for now XD

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