Monday, 20 April 2009

HaLips 3 and HDTV Weekend

Hey Guys I said on my Vlog (93) I wanted Lips (£18) or 2100MSP (£17.50) BUT the Sh*t the fan I SEEN the Halo 3 Legendary Edtion for £40 O_O I hoping my Mum really really nicly out of my aconut of coure to get me money in time to get it.... also if Lips is still their too.....

In other News Dave (My housemate) is going this weekend (To see his Dad) so....... I get the House and HDTV all to myself this weekend ^^ as u all know I don't get the HDTV to make videos or have time to myself with my HDTV (well it's the living room TV now XD) but I payed for it lolz so I'll be Xbox Living and Might do some videos..... will see

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