Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Bargain-Man, Bargain-Man
Does whatever a Barain can
Finds a Game, sweet surprise
Catches Pronbrokers just like flies
Look out
Here comes the Bargain-Man

DAM..... I Thinking Of the Bagains.... CUSRE YOU BRAGIAN HUTTING SKILLZ!!!!!!

anywho I seen stuff Like.....

Far Cry 2 (Xbox 36o) £12.50, Iron-Man (Blu-Ray) £13, Your At The Movies with Cam (Xbox 360) £15, Playstation 3 Controller (not duel shock 3) £10 and Others AAAAAAAAAAAAA why so many good stuff in Grimsby XD but Will see wot I get this week with My £20 XD

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