Saturday, 23 May 2009

I Lost A Friend.... Adam (GamePlayUK)

I justed lost a Friend name Adam we been friends at Septmber Last year I been going on and found out I got Xbox 360 and we added each other then we been talking about Xbox 360 stuff for a few months and I helped him keep up on the News knowing Me months has flyed and and I told him about Dazzle and I was going to make youtube videos with the dazzle (but didn't had any money) so Adam took the idea for Dazzle and started making videos on his channel month flyed supporting him on his channel and one day my dream to make videos like Adam then Job Pay came and got A Dazzle hope we make good videos In Grimsby but said in a video about ravils like Ash and Gary from Pokemon but it all gone worng on wot I said he Blocked me On Youtube and Removed me on MSN surly I get somthing from him ut no he didn't say why I was no beenin ravils I just wanted a friend to talked to about Games and Youtube.... Sure I have Dave, Cam, Juses and others but it's not the same sure I can talk to Dave, Cam and Juses but I never say my works from my Nerdy Heart I lost a friend sadly but ture it's not the same my tires of crys because I lost a friend theirs NM ppl like him I have Deficiencies in social skills I did my best for Adam to be a good friend to me but his just a wasted of life and time for him......

Ya really Upset
I lost a friend
Im never going to find a friend
like him I got nobody to talk to
just my friends online In Youtube Land
Nobody In grimsby Cares

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