Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Update - May and MGOnline

Hey guys update on May on Games so abit on PS3 this month.... u know lolz so NM on Xbox 360 but GHM so now that Im doing Game Updates on my site so I tort I'll do a Line up list lolz so heres this month update on may *down the page* also ppl have been Requesting me to get Drake and LBP and Fadecy my friend I dont talk very much 1st give the request for Drake so ya and I forgot to keep touch with him lolz XD XD

May 3rd - 11th

1600MSP (for Fable 2 DLC) £14 and Uncharted Drake Fortune £10

May 11th - 18th

Little Big Planet £15

May 18th - 25th

Preodering Guitar Hero Metallica (putting £20 in)

May 18th - June 1st

Guitar Hero Metallica £25 after Prodering so £45 Full Price

..... That it so far

also to let u know I sign up to MGOnline and just to let u know that I won't be Online much Because Dave and I have got into going Online on the Playstation 3 More.... lolz add "steviet70" (Stevie T) and "CloudOneWinged" (Dave) so u know when Im not on the net or Xbox Live lolz

This Is Stevie T and You Been UPDTAED XD

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