Thursday, 11 June 2009

BlogTV + TBH I'll Been Fed Up Lately

Im really sorry on BlogTV but TBH I'll been Fed Up Lately nomaly I don't talk about my life sometime on the Wolrd Wide Web but I just been Fed Up
Because Of:
Ghostbusters Been Dalyed
moneyz on GHGH and trying to moneys get a 1 Year Gold
I sometimes spends moneys on games more then foodz and it's got to stop
Got an New projet at work doing a book with CD
and have Open Day at work to say about my histoy as a studnet at Likage college
Kid in my area started froing stones at my house
my mini oven got broken -___-
I dunno if my GF still loves me I know she love me but I dunno if Im been a tw@ u see
been skiping College abit and my mum found out
Showdows naggin on the Intro I did 3 times and not happy
and worryed about next year in life for me =/
aslo getting sexual frustrated on stuff lolz
so ya just stuff on my mine thats building up =( sorry guy thank you for understanding

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