Saturday, 27 June 2009

July Update 0.1

(My Gameplay of Punch Out on My Back Up)

Really Plezed to get Punch Out on Wii in June and BTW I Tryed Punch Out with the Wii Balance Board But the Wii Balance Board is abit sensitive but still it's alright on the Wii Balance Board on Punch Out to Dodge

Ok..... July Update

July 3rd - 10th


At July 1st Im getting Worms 2: Armageddon on XBLA for 800MSP and I got £15 still from My Job Pay In June Sooooo.... Why not get the Fallout 3 Downloadable on Disc for £15 at July 3rd =D good play also I got a exrta £20 that was going to Xbox Live Gold so I might get The Eye of Judgement On PS3 with the Cam For £20

July 10th - 17th


July 17th - 24th

Sould having Money togher I sould bealbe to get Wii Sport Resort =D

July 24th - 31st

at July 28th the Gears Of War 2 Dark Corners DLC come out and if it's good I might get it =D

that it for July Update 0.1 stay turned if any changes on the Plan

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