Saturday, 6 June 2009

Update June 0.2 Big Delay + Mega Unboxing

OMG Ghosterbusters Has Moved to October 10th for Xbox 360 D= NOOOOOOOOOO Oh well I have to get Guitar Hero Greatest Hits now Coming at July 26th also I found out when I Added my 2100MSP I need to renew my Gold at July 1st =/ o well no big deal lolz


Im Saving After My B-Day (My B-Day Is August 24th BTW lolz) At September 22nd is a Specal Halo 3 ODST With Halo 3 ODST Controller for £80 =D so Mega Unboxing Soooon =D

Oh Ya..... Need to get this at July 24th =D (July Update soon)

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