Monday, 27 July 2009

I Hate Breaks

Ya...... Im on a Break but still I uploaded too many Videos and need ppl to catch up you see =/


"How To REC Playstation Eye On PS3 And Use For Youtube Videos"

Will be coming soon after my Break also I Re-Edited The How To Make Friendz so will be Re-Uploaded that too =D

OMG This Tailer I Love Im So Getting This Game At 10/11/09 =D

Ok at the Mo I got 3170MSP in my Mircosoft Back and This


The Fry Cry 2 DLC Fortunes Pack is 240MSP for one week only

So I Tort of Getting

  • Gears 2 DLC - 1200MSP - July 28th
  • Mavel Vs Capcom 2 - 1200MSP - July 29th
  • 007 Quantum Of Solace The Camille Map Pack - 400MSP
  • Fry Cry 2 Fortunes Pack - 240MSP
  • Some Avtar Stuff - ???MSP - August 11th

BTW the Ghostbusters Game Is Coming Oct 23rd Now =D

So Ya..... I'll be back on Youtube doing videos soon not only that I needed a break after doing videos for 9 days Stright o_O so keep up to update with my Site and Im on Xbox Live mostly so ya NM to do this Week ya

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