Wednesday, 8 July 2009

lolz Hours To Get Them Achievements + 1200MSP Budget


Yesterday/Today I did 6 Achievements On The Orange Box (TF2) as a not a Very Good Gamer to me Hours of Healing, Set Fire, Shooting, Arming, Respawming, Team Work and Waiting I got 6 Achievements On That Game... Also Got a Rare on in green Called "Lightning Offense" well I think it's rare.... how can you finsh a mtach in under 5Mins o_O well it was 2-3mins it took XD and it was a 16 Player Match XD

Arcade VS DLC

Im in budget on MSP at the mo..... but I dunno witch on to get for 1200MSP Theirs Battlefield 1943 or the Gears 2 Dark Corners DLC ok 1) I played the BF: 1943 and it's good 2) I dunno wot I would see in the Gears 2 DLC and I'll might miss out..... Well I could get BF: 1943 after...........

Getting Wii Sports Resort I got a £20 at July 31 Hmmmm I have to see or Maybe Job Money might come and I can get MSP and Other stuff.... it would help XD

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