Sunday, 30 August 2009

September Update 0.1


After the hole C.E. of Batman Arkam Asylum Im Plezed on getting the This at the end I Love Blue ^-^ and the Game is Sweet wouth Saving Up For =D. also used the £20 spare from the Batman and £20 for the Last month to get 2100MSP and Fallout 3 Disc 2 so Im plezed =D


NOW!!!! September =]

Well it's a good thing I was 21 Because Like I said that GH5 and Dissida was not right for my £20 a week and can't get them but ya Plezed that My B-Day money can be put for GH5 and Dissdia and I can carry on with my £20 a week for Halo 3 ODST C.E. so.... yet again I have to Save 3 Weeks of £20 Agian... but it won't be my last stay tune for Oct and Nov Updates

When I'm Saving Up hopefully I'll be getting some Jobpay because Im going back to work on Tues 8th.... so I might treat myself to FFVII: Advent Children - Complete on Blu-Ray I love that movie on UMD I got on my PSP also when I get my New Job in September (BTW still have the CD Job on Tuesdays) I might get more Moneyz


So thats ths September Im Stevie T and You Been Updated =D

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