Friday, 7 August 2009

WTF Activision (A Rant)

Well at 1st I was happy to spend £50 on GH3 for the Wii then a Fan of GH Games

But really WTF Activision £100+ Each on A Skateboard and a DJ Thingy sure I would like to Try DJ Hero but Activision really I buy ur GH Games and your making Drool for more of ur Shizzz and I'll might buy DJ Hero for Xmas but still EA was Bad now Activision is just taking the piss and taking ur wallet lolz and knowing me they do.... but in Final I might still get Skate It for the Wii for the Skating and Might buy DJ Hero for Xmas.... ya thats my Rant lolz... BTW Date so far On DJ Hero is Oct 23rd same day as Ghostbusters that why get it at Xmas because it's like £110 =/

BTW Im still gettting CODMW2 but I dunno to get the Nomal or Metal one because of my Bujet on Ghostbusters at Oct 23rd on the £20 a week u seez

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