Thursday, 17 September 2009


This Post it saying wot Im thinking cause Im Board


Whatever happin to my Friend Cam I not seen him in Donkeys we have a Great lol or Two and I like spending time with him as we Talk about Games and wot not... sure Laura is ok with me Talking About games... but Cam is Speacl... he know wot Im like in Life and I like going out to Town with Him as a Mate

Like this... form a bast in the Past this Video is on Cam's Channel

Macz and Ipodz... ok Ipod Nano 5G is good but Meh don't wont to waste money but I seen a Macbook for £700 in PC World just I dunno if I sould get a Mac or a Macbook in future well.... my PC is ok just Vista sometimes and my Netbook is abit Crap but It's all I got but I do have £*000 in my Saving but thats for Future stuff like a Car or a Mopad I don't see me Driving =/


Halo 3 ODST is the One game I can't wait for 360 Bungie work hard on this game then Halo 3 with the Fresh Layout on the Visor, Maps, Wepons and Other stuff New to the Game then Other Halo Games so... Can't Wait

Ya.... Im just Board Ray is Offline because of his PC Died and Im Missing Friends (local) and Laura (my GF) I just got notting better to do Then making Videos for ppl and doing my Job on Tusedays I still not got My Jobs4Life stuff sorted yet =( so my Life is dull at the mo....

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