Monday, 28 September 2009

October Update 0.1

For a Long Time now I have been having Trouble getting Mics for GH and Lips at frist I was thinking of Saving 2 £20z for Lips Number One Hits (Bundle) with 2 Mics and a New Lips Games for £40 it a good Deal because for 1 Mic it's £25 abit of a Rip off but for Now Im getting 1 Mic for £25

Ok the seconed thing is Them two Games now Ghostbuters If it was not for that Sony Thing I would had Played this by now (none importer *Cofch Cofch*)... I loved the Demo both on Ps3 and 360 but mostly I like the 360 more for the Controlling and Gs for the Full Game... Right Uncharted 2 I heared it's a Good game on the PS3 then the 1st one BTW Loved the 1st one but Sadly I not played the Beta/Demo of the 2nd one if I did it might boost the thinking on getting Uncharted 2 so still thinking of That........

Now at the End of October I need to save my £20z for MW2 in November hopfuly the Harden Edtion but for £70 o_O... Rip off much... and BTW abit of Price drop on DJ Hero it's now £110 to £100 now Come Activision this is Taking the piss I really want to try Them games but sure your getting My Money but dosn't say you have to rape my Wallet to Play them so anywho... Dj Hero I might get out of my Job Moneyz if not Then I'll get it at the End Of the Year and get Forza 3 and Rhythm Paradise

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