Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Job Pay + November Update 0.1

Yup I just got My Job Pay and it's £100 well... £85.95 but My Mum just gived me £100 lolz... I tort long and Hard but as you Know on My Twitter I was going to get a Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adapter because I seen one for £35 at The Carphone Warehouse but They sold out and Im not Paying £50-£60 for it.... I can't do the Laptop Thing because my Netbook has Linux so I'm Screwed.... so Im getting DJ Hero because theirs NM I need really and as a Hero Fan I'll get it =D

Ok right I know it's not November yet but I'm doing a Update About it Because I'm £30 out of £70 for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Hardened Edition and be Tending the Midnight Launch at Nov 10th at 00:01 well 11:30 Make sure I'm 1st lolz XD.... Also I might get New Super Mario Bros at Nov 20th because I don't see the Point on getting Little Big Planet on PSP but can Only buy one so Mario Wiins It's RED XD and not got a Wii Game for a Long Time after Getting Punch Out in May.... but sadly I can't get much games in Nov because..................
Look At All Them Games It's Incense O_O I can never get like 5-6 Because of MW2 being £70 ¬_¬ but ya also Blame Xmas and the Marketing...... but I can't get Much in December because of I need to Save £40 for 12 Month Gold before Jan 1st 2010 XD

And Now to End This Post His 3 Ray Head Banging It's Epic Wiin =D

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