Thursday, 29 October 2009

My Torts On DSi LL


Hmmmmmm Nintendo have Really Really Lost it =/

sure Nintendo have made lots of ££££££ on DS Lite and DSi surly we don't want one to Vs with PSP Go! and Iphone... but it's good that We are getting a Bigger Screen and same Battry life as DS Lite witch is good... because as you know by My history I didn't wanted a DSi till they make for stuff for it (Because I lite my DS Lite and Want to Keep it =D)... So this changes everything because ppl Like Diifii, BDT87, Bluegamer94, Danishyoshifan and My Sister Have DSiz but Luckly this Changes the fact that Nintendo are just.... lolz of Making a New DS and you tort Sony was bad making made 4 Systems 1000, 2000, 3000 and Go! now Nintendo with DS, DS Lite, DSi and Now the NEW DSi LL give me a chance to Like Nintnedo again... because I'll been playing with My PSP to much lolz I loved the DS when I had the DS and DS Lite back in the Day and sould get back in to it... so hopefully by a good Launch in 2010 I should get one looks awsome by my Books but saidy for DSi owners are stuck with DSiz because of Trading in Again XD

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