Friday, 2 October 2009

October Update 0.2

Now This Changes Everything


So my Quest for Ghostbusters is Over... I fanily got it but it's on PS3 and 4GB of Space Gone but oh well how can you say "No" to this price I can say £15 Is Better then £45 Brand New or £35 Preownd Nomal Preownd Price... Also if you think about it they Might do It Again but for Xbox 360 In Blockbusters you never know also the Xbox 360 Demo for the UK is out but... Meh lolz

So Now I have to Move the Day for the Lips Mic to after Oct 16th Becuase I use that Lips Mic Money for Ghostbuster but no Matter I'll be Saving 2 £20z and the Rest of the Lips Mic Money for the Uncharted 2 Special Edition

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