Friday, 9 October 2009

Sorry For My Site Beening Poor


As you can tell by my Face I think Im doing my Site abit Poor I know their NM exclusive stuff on My site other then my Spending Updates Im trying my best to do some stuff on my Site.... I know theirs like "Video Of The Week", " Old STF Video Of The Week" and "Avatar Updates" but I don't want to take news stuff from other sites like Joystick and Destructiod for there own work you see...... My site is mostly for inside exclusive stuff you see before it hits my youtube page like my Spending Updates AKA my Monthly Spending plans.... but I like to say sorry that my Site is abit poor but if you have sticked with the STF Site then I would like to call you like a "Ture Stevie T Fan" if I Like to say lolz... But hope I'll try to think of some Ideas on a Week to Week base but I'll never take the site down I won't Give up on this site... I'll do my Best to make more exclusives Thank you for your understanding and Thanks for Reading


Anonymous said...

so you should be its sooooo poor and their nothing on it.EVER. just stick to the youtube side of things.

Adam (fns) said...

yeah i just f*cked laura. u 2 will never stay in love, long distance relationships never work. GUTTED!!!.

gaz said...

I have to admit your site is pretty useless you haven't got anything good to offer to be honest.

only thing i can thing of is uploading all your vids on to the site and doing a daily gaming news thingy.

unless you do some of these tbh i would close down the site.

harsh but true

Anonymous said...

This site is poo poo

Anonymous said...

u suck man!!!!!!!!!!! lawl!!!!!!!