Monday, 23 November 2009

Facebook Exclusives + Problems Still


Ok I Can't still Upload Videos on Youtube On My Main also My Back Up Accoutns.... still for Now you have to Wait till like like every Friday I'll make a Video... witch sucks =/ witch is Good because I did say that I'll got NM Videos to do... but I'll sort the Problem out maybe ask my Mum for a New Laptop/Netbook or wait till Donkey Years for Youtube to sort my Problem out.... not Only Youtube but Twitvid won't Upload a Video and it's having the Same problem with the Hold Uploading then Chasing the Net?????? Hmmmm but the Only Uploading Videos to a Site... is Facebook..... ya Facebook out of all the Site it have to be Facebook but for Now for Ture Stevie T Fan for Videos Like that at the Top will be on Facebook.... but it's won't be Video Game related stuff it will just be stuff I do on My steviet7PSNLive/Back Up accout...... so NM fun their but it's still abit haha hehe Funny but it's all I got becuase I don't wont to waste of 3 Years of Youtube Videos and Subs go to Waste =/ unless Your a ture Stevie T fan from the 3 Years I started.....

so for Now wait till Friday I'll do a Alog to let ppl know wots going On at the Mean time I'll make Random Videos on Facebook when Im board or something to Past the Time

So.... See Ya

Oh Btw I Fixed the View Counter... so Im Watching whos Viewing lolz


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Anonymous said...

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From Jacob (from skype)