Monday, 9 November 2009

My New Room... For Games



ya this used to be My ExHousemates Room and got Someone moving in Next Year in the Big Spare Bedroom.... Cant say no more for Now My Mum said I can have the Small room for Games and Stuff but not got a Chance to Sort the Room out and Today/Tonight is the Day


So Me and My Friend Baker Moved the Sofa Upstairs Because Their 2 in the Living Room and the White one Needs Moving and it's nice but we moved the Bed in My room for now till we see wot to do with it


Sorted My DVDz and Moved My Games


For now I got the Small TV and PS3 Rigged up but has soon I has Wi-Fi for the 360 I'll Switch the HDTV for the Small TV and Get the Wii and 360 in This Room but looking foward to use this Room away from the Computer

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Nick! said...

liking the games room stevie =]