Wednesday, 2 December 2009

December Update 0.1 + Xmas

I Scored A Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter For £35 =] Saves Me A Bundle


Now this Make it easer to Get Left 4 Dead 2 and 2100 Plus my Job Pay will be a Mega BONUS Now because I'll got that Apadter for £35 so I might spend the Extra cash on a Stereo System I'll seen for £45 in a Pawnbroker shop for My Gaming Room

Don't worry about Prezzyz My Mum is Taking Money out of My Bank Account but Don't need much to Spend only Mum, Kym (My 2nd Step Dad), Molly (My Sister) and Laura.... But Shame that because I was going to do Cam a Xmas Prezzyz but he said he didn't want one.... you Dam Scrooge =_=

Yet again Im going to Mums for Xmas but will do A Vlog when I get home and not Taking My PSP Cam like last year I want my Mum to have a NonYoutubeCamerainFace Xmas

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