Tuesday, 8 December 2009

It's Wii'z 3rd Year Birthday Today


My Wii...Without My Wii I would not have got into Video Game more like 360 or PS3 (Because I Used to be a DVD Person) also without The Wii I would have not Make any Friends on Youtube


As you can tell it's getting old also not Looked after it this Year Because of My 360 XD

The Games this year I'll let off Because you got Tiltes like Punchout, Wii Sports Resort and New Mario Bros Wii.... but Hope Next Year Nintendo would make Game for the Hardcore Hoping Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Other M will be good next Year but we will still have Like Wii this Wii That Wii Shit..... you Know.... Hoping not a Wii Music 2 XD

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