Tuesday, 12 January 2010

January Update 0.2 - The Truth + Bioshock 2


As you may have Know I got Bayonetta and said on My Vlog (118) that I had Exrta Money from My Mum..... well I must tell the Truth but didn't have time to Tell the Truth on my Vlog because I had £20 for Phone Credit and £10 Hair Cut Money but I had £13.95 Phone Credit and didn't much needed a Hair cut.... so for that I have a Week Punishment so no Money for this week but maybe at Jan 23th I might get my Gaming money back =/ but at the End of the day it's My Money but my Mum is in control of it........

Abit of a Early for a February Update but Might Save in January till Feb 9th for the Bioshock 2 Collector Edition but will see if I can save up in time for it

ya abit of a Update with the Mum =/ also to say that the hole Ceiling Replacing not doing well it's Tuseday and was ment to start today but it didn't... also the Gaming room feels Cramped because of the Computer and Games just the Wire is not long to got in my Bedroom =/

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