Wednesday, 10 February 2010

February Update 0.2 The Save Up

Bioshock 2 was good to get then the Special Edition.. but not Only that get £11.50 thanks to my Tesco Vouchers and also got Shadowrun mainy for the 1 Month Free Gold that I will be Giving Away SOON on "My 2nd Giveaway Competition" that I'll do Next Week... so out of All This I get £30 Extra because I didn't buyed the Special Edition and took a few Quidz off from my Tesco Vouchers so Saves me Money

Speak of Saving Moneyz....... Oh Boy.... the DSi X... now March 5th is in like 4 Weeks away so I need to Save my £20z but lucky My Mum did say "whatever you Save I take some money out of your account to it"...... witch is good because My last big some of Money out of My Account was for to Replace my Broken Computer and that was back in October but I would be Saving £100 Before March Anways...... So I Will do a Good Unboxing and Review this March Don't worry on That also if I get my Jobpay would be a Bouns and would get some DS Games with that

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