Tuesday, 16 February 2010

February Update 0.3 The Bargain Of The Month

The Bargain Of The Month..... Wow

Well long story short I got Darksiders for £8..... bet your thinking.... wait the Cock of Duty Minute.... £8!!!!..... HOW?????? well I was minding my own business and tort of Walking to Cash Converters see whats new and found Darksiders and tort "*sigh* bet it's going to be £15-£25" but I was wrong I took it off the Shelf looked at the Price and was £8 then I froze and Had a Boner O_O....... now I was thinking for Like 30mins but was a Minute and tort well your Saving for your DSi XL and your got £50 but Should I use change that I use for Lunch and it was £8 and a few Silver coin and was thinking of a McDonalds today and I have like 3 Days worth of Food at my House till Friday and the Big thing I tort it's £40 brand new in Shops So...... F**k it I got it out of My Lunch Money but what a Game.... shame that it did get NM on the Sales =/ and My Friend Jesus did say "it's better then a Soft Porn Girl with long Legs named Bayonetta" witch is Abit ture so I got the Game saves me £32 and still Saving up for my DSi XL and it's good to get a New Game I got Board of Playing Bioshock 2 Muitlplayer because of the Glitchs and Lagging and to try out Darksides because I got Bayonetta when both Games came out so it's good to Try both Now

ya Abit of a Update just to let your guys Know lolz

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