Thursday, 25 February 2010

March Update 0.1

I Know it's February but Need to Update for March

so March.... a Big Big BIG B!G month for Gaming and Im plezed with my Job Pay to come in time for Games and DLC in March and looking for it

  • DSi XL
  • Pokemon Soul Silver (DS)
  • Ace Attorney: Miles Edgeworth Investigates (DS)
  • Battlefield Bad Company 2 (360)
  • Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition (360)
  • Halo Legends (BluRay)
  • and 2100MSP for DLC
at 1st I tort I was not going to get Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition but Now I can witch Im plezed also would like to Treat myself to Halo Legends on BluRay as a Halo Fan and Shame I forgot to Watch them on Halo Waypoint.... but I also need 2100MSP for DLC and Games in March like Perfect Dark, Game Room, Left 4 Dead 2 DLC, Bioshock 2 DLC and Maybe MW2 DLC soon might be Announced in March.... the Main thing in March for me is the DSi XL... as I said and I'll say it Again "I'll not Got a DSi and Would Like one" but I will do some Good Videos on it like Unboxing and Review.... also would like to pick up Ace Attorney: Miles Edgeworth Investigates because My Friend in US "SolidusGodzilla" on Youtube got it for $40-$50 and I seen it for £15 Preownd in GAME and would like to Buy it and Try it out because My "SolidusGodzilla" said "You should try it out" so I will be Getting that

so ya March is B!G so lots of Videos on My Youtube Channel Cooming SOON

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