Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Camera Upgrade

Finally I'm Upgrading My Camera after the whole "PSP Go Cam is a Toy" via Blunty3000 I'm Upgrading My Camera.... Yes 720p but I won't be doing 720p Video it because it takes to long to process but it's better Quality Videos in the Future

This footage is made on the Kodak EasyShare C330 it's was ok at the Time till I lost it in a Drunk ppl in my house issues but lucky me using my PSP GoCam for a Year.... so it's Time to Upgrade

So over all Can't wait to Upgrade so I'll be Getting a Kodak ZX1 Pocket Video Camera for 50QUID (£50) witch is not bad used to be £100 and My Mum said I can have it as a Early Easter Gift plus it's a Bargin for a 720p Pocket Video Camera then a Normal Pocket Video Camera for £150 also be getting a DSi SD/HC Card for to use on the Kodak and it's £15 for a 4GB save me some Dosh then later after getting Soul Silver I'll get a Joby Gorillapod SLR because I got a 2 leged Tripod =[ so I need a New Tripod as well so over all Im Happy and Can't wait

also to say Capture card Upgrade..... I don't think it will happen because the Next level of Capturing is a HD PVR at it's £180 but Im fine with My Dazzle and if you guys don't like it in HD then screw you lolz sorry My Bad

So Ya Big Update BYEZ

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