Wednesday, 3 March 2010

DSi XL Hands On

Yesterday my Gamestation has a DSi XL to Play Test and I was lucky enough to try it and I got to say..... it's big.... "That What She Said".... anywho the feel of it it's like holding a Controller or a PSP.... the Buttons are the Same but the Home button is Bigger and they would had made the other buttons bigger.... speaking of bigger the size on the DSi XL the hight when the DSi XL is Opened it's sort of the Same Size as a Closed DVD Case from top to bottom... so ya it's B!G... the Screens are so B!G that it's easyer for ppl to perv over my Shoulders also the only Game I can play is Mario Kart I don't blame yous but other then that it looks great on the Big Screens the little tiny down side is just less Rez/Pixel because of the Big Screens but it's still good... shame I can't try other Games but oh well.... Over all it's a Awesome system worth buying if you don't own a DSi or if you have the Moneyz to Upgrade so I can't wait to Own the system and will do some Good Video with it Stay Tuned =D

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